We Do the Research for Your Customers

All of the manufacturers that Mothers Choice Products works with have been selected because of their outstanding quality.  Our unique expertise of this marketplace allows Mothers Choice Products to select the top tier brands and become the exclusive distributors.  We are constantly evaluating new products and updated versions of older items to make sure that the quality and benefits they provide never fall below the consumer’s expectations.

There are four considerations that go into our decision to carry a brand at Mothers Choice Products:

We make certain that the brand we carry is the best at what it offers.

The brand has an established track record of continuing to improve its products.

The product offers a better solution facing mothers.

Because we are moms too, the product needs to be one that we would have the confidence to use ourselves.

Canadian Made

Several of the brands that Mothers Choice carries are made by Canadian companies (like Dimpleskins Naturals, Prenatal Ease, PumpEase, JoeyBand and Imp Prints.) While we don’t make it a point to select a brand solely on what their country of origin is, as a Canadian distributor we are thrilled to be carrying the products offered by these companies and to bring them to mothers and their infants across our country.


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