Hospitals Trust Mothers Choice Products

The team at Mothers Choice Products only carries the very best items and solutions for the well-being and safety of mothers and their children.

Since 1993, we have established our name as a trusted distributor of quality solutions for today’s parents, selecting only the brands and items that provide the maximum benefits. A parent will not choose the second best for her child, and neither will Mothers Choice.

Our high quality products provide a number of hospital based solutions:

Sterifeed for Breast Milk Storage

Ameda Penguin nutritional warmer to warm milk to proper feeding temperature

Joeyband™ by Sleepbelt to allow mothers to attain skin to skin contact immediately post birth, including c-sections

Ameda Hospital grade breast pumps and accessories to help families breastfeed

Some of the facilities that use Mothers Choice Products:

St Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver

Sick Kids

BC Womens Milk Bank, Vancouver

Markham Stouffville Hospital

North York Hospital

Prince George Hospital

Richmond Hospital

St Joseph’s Hospital, Hamilton

Humber River

St John Regional, NF


CSSS de Laval

CSSS de Gatineau

Grande Prairie QEII