We Do the Research for Your Customers

Mothers Choice Products has a unique level of marketplace expertise that enables us to select top tier brands for exclusive distribution. All of our products and manufacturers are selected based on their outstanding quality. We are constantly evaluating new products and looking for improvements to existing items to ensure that the quality and benefits they provide continue to meet our consumer’s expectations.

Mothers Choice Products factors in four main points of consideration when deciding on which brands/products to carry:

We ensure that all of the brands we carry offer best in class products.

Mothers Choice brands have demonstrated a dedication to continual growth and improvement.

All of our products are chosen based on the innovative solutions they offer to mothers and families.

We are moms too, and our products need to be ones that we would have the confidence to use ourselves.

Canadian Made

Many of the brands that Mothers Choice carries are proudly made by Canadian companies (Dimpleskins Naturals, Prenatal Ease, PumpEase, JoeyBand ™ , and Imp Prints.) While we don’t make it a point to select a brand solely on their country of origin, as a Canadian distributor we are thrilled to support local businesses and introduce them to mothers and their babies across the country.

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