Micro Cool Refrigerator by Creche Innovations

The MicroCool™ Refrigerator is the smallest medical-grade drawer style refrigerator and is specifically designed for use in all hospital departments. The temperature range of -2 to 12 degrees Celsius makes it useful for many applications, not just breast milk. It is designed to be the quietest medical fridge on the market.
With the option to choose either counter top mount or under counter mount, it can be installed almost anywhere. It has Wi-Fi capable temperature monitoring making it compatible with the majority of current hospital monitoring systems. The innovative drawer design allows for quick temperature recovery once the drawer is opened. It also enables cool air to remain inside the unit even when the door is open resulting in an optimal and stable temperature.
*Replace the antimicrobial cartridge is required every 30 days to maintain fridge moisture and keep unit bacteria free (condition of sale).
Custom carts and furniture also available.
Please contact your Territory Manager for more information.

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