Sterifeed Products

Sterifeed has more than 20 years experience in the supply of breast milk storage bottles for neonatal units, special care nurseries, and pediatric departments at major hospitals across the globe.
All Sterifeed bottles are compatible with any standard breast pump – hospital multi-user pumps and single patient use breast pumps. They feature a smooth inside neck that works to increase the positive seal required between cap and bottle.

* Suitable for pasteurization & freezing.


Sterifeed bottles come in a large size range to suit many requirements: 50ml,(1oz) 100ml,(2oz) 130ml,(4oz) 250ml, (8oz). Available sterile packed in bulk or each bottle wrapped in its own tamper evident PE bag.

Bottles are airtight and leak resistant to ensure maximum shelf life for breast milk when stored in the refrigerator or freezer. Glass bottles available by special order.

Colostrum Collectors: 

Sterifeed also creates special products for the newest babies. Colostrum is the precious liquid gold that is so important in the first few days. Capturing every drop is vital, and that is why they created the special line of colostrum collectors. The smooth 20 ml storage container and the 1 ml collection container make it easier to capture as much colostrum as possible.

About Sterifeed


Sterifeed’s disposable range of baby bottles are made from FDA food grade clarified polypropylene. 100% free of Bisphenol – A ( BPA) Bisphenol – S ( BPS), DEHP, Phthalates, can be recycled, incinerated, or landfilled without any harm to the environment. These are strong rigid bottles with accurate graduations every 5 ml.

Polypropylene is made from carbon & hydrogen and is manufactured without any dangerous emissions.
Polypropylene can be re-cycled , incinerated or landfilled without any harm to the environment.
Polypropylene satisfies the four requirements of the EC Environment Commission.

* Minimal use of natural resources.
* Reduced emission of polluting substances.
* Long working life.
* Optimizes re-use and recycling.