About Joeyband

Skin-to-skin care in the first hours and days of life profoundly impact a newborn’s quality of life and health status, yet can be difficult to achieve.
Joeyband facilitates critical skin-to-skin contact to mimic the Deep Pressure Touch of the womb. It is designed to prevent infant falls and support baby in a proper position during skin-to-skin contact with a patented design that ensures quick and easy closure while delivering a snug fit every time.
Joeyband provides quality improvement in infant care and patient safety through increased Skin-to-Skin Care, Proper Positioning, and Fall Prevention. Joeyband offers peace of mind by preventing falls and suffocation/Sudden Unexpected Postnatal Collapse.
  • Early Skin-to-Skin Care (SSC) in the OR and/or LDR during the “Golden Hour” and continued SSC are key
  • Increase SSC in the NICU – reduce length of stay and morbidit
  • Keep Baby in Correct Position – helps prevent newborn falls, risk of suffocation, and associated medical and legal costs
  • Patient Satisfaction – SSC promotes bonding and enhances the patient experience

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