Therma‐Liner™ for Penguin Nutritional Warmers

Therma‐Liner™ for Penguin Nutritional Warmers are designed to keep milk protected while delivering the optimal warming temperature and reducing the risk of infection.


Penguin Therma‐Liner™

• Designed to carefully control temperature using technology based on trusted medical and pharmaceutical research.

• Uses water for absorptive thermal heat transfer in an external jacket to optimally warm breast milk

• Acts like a “waterless” warmer  – the water in the external jacket never touches the internal compartment that houses the feeding container, significantly reducing the risk of infections.

Patented bag within a bag
100% recyclable
Label space for Date and Time and ID

  1. Shae Reply

    Hi, where can I purchase these liners?

    • mc_admin Reply

      Hi Shae, these are for hospitals only, but are sold through us. If you require more information please send your question to
      Thank you!

  2. Eftekhar Reply

    Hi, May I know for how long we can use one bag?

  3. mc_admin Reply

    They can be used for 12 hours, basically one nursing shift.

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