TensCare Perfect Beauty Tens Machine for Wrinkles

Perfect BEAUTY is a medical device designed to be used at home to improve muscle tone and reduce signs of ageing. It is suitable for use by most people. 


The perfect BEAUTY uses muscle stimu­lation for body toning and shaping, as well as for the reduction of wrinkles. It may reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Key uses for Perfect Beauty Tens:

Body shaping and toning:  programs dedicated to each specific area of the body: face, abs, buttocks & hips, thighs, bust, arms and calves.

Reduction of wrinkles: lifts and/or tightens the soft tissues of the face, improving facial muscle tone and reducing the signs of ageing.

Reduction of cellulite: may assist in reducing or elim­inating the appearance “Orange Peel” effect (cellulite) of the skin surface.

The perfect BEAUTY is a powered muscle stimulator used for body toning and shaping, as well as for the reduction of wrinkles and cellulite. It sends a small and gentle stimulation (similar to your natural nerve impulses) to the muscles being treated via two or four auto-adhesive electrode pads, in order to help you to firm and tone your body, and to maintain your youthful appearance.

Perfect BEAUTY is TENS/EMS device designed to be used in the home environment to improve muscle tone and bulk, and reduce signs of ageing. It is suitable for use by all who can control the device and understand the instructions

Perfect Beauty Key Features

1. Dual Channel – Two independent channels with four electrode pads to treat two areas at the same time.

2. Comfortable Stimulation – Gentle stimulation with 90 small steps of intensity (about 1 mA per step).

3. 8 Preset Programs – facial toning and firming; body toning and shaping: abs, buttocks & hips, thighs, bust, arms and calves.

4. Memory Features- programm retention (automatically starts in the last program used), number of uses and time of usage.

5. Open Circuit Detection – Automatically resets the strength to zero if the electrode pads are not correctly applied.

6. Helping your body release natural painkillers (called endorphins)

7. Large LCD Screen- Clearly shows the operation of the unit and the program and intensity being used

8. Unique face pads – Simple application to stimulate all areas of the face in one treatment session.


  • Do NOT use if you have a pacemaker (or if you have a heart rhythm problem) or with any electronic medical devices. Using this unit with electronic medical devices may cause erroneous operation of the device. Stimulation in the direct vicinity of an implanted device may affect some models. Stimulation on the front of the neck can affect your heart rate. Very strong stimulation across the chest may cause an extra heartbeat.
  • Do NOT use during the first three months of pregnancy. It is not known whether TENS and EMS may affect foetal development.
  • Do NOT use on the abdomen in the later stages of pregnancy. Stop using immediately if you experience unexpected contractions.
  • Caution should be used if you have suspected or diagnosed epilepsy as electrical stimulation may affect seizure threshold.
  • Caution Do not permit use by anyone unable to understand the instructions or persons with cognitive disabilities, i.e.; Alzheimer’s disease or dementia or children.