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Bridgeport Hospital Increases Breastfeeding Rates and Prevents Infant Falls with Joeyband   Hospital also sees an increase in patient satisfaction TORONTO (PRWEB) JUNE 20, 2018 Bridgeport Hospital, part of the Yale New Haven Health network, and Joeyband by S2S Innovations, have joined forces to improve breastfeeding rates, patient satisfaction, and eliminate infant falls; Joeyband, an easy-to-use skin-to-skin support system, aims to improve both quality and safety for new mothers and their infants in hospital and at […]

Did you know that Hands free pumping was a thing? Did you also know that it can change your life? Pumping can take up so much of your time, even though you are doing something important. By using a PumpEase hands free pumping bra, you allow your hands to be free to do things you might not be able to do while holding on to your flanges. What can you do while pumping hands free? […]

To Pump More Milk, Use Hands-On Pumping Would you like an effective method for pumping more milk? Until 2009, most assumed that when a mother used a breast pump, the pump should do all of the milk-removal work. But this changed when Jane Morton and her colleagues published a ground-breaking study in the Journal of Perinatology. The mothers in this study were pumping exclusively for premature babies in the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit. For […]

Will you still make milk once you start with solid food? YES! Your milk still matters to your baby. And it feels great to see your breastfeeding baby thrive. Here are the basics from 6 to 12 months. Fun Facts You will make milk as long as your baby breastfeeds. Your baby’s time at the breast drives your milk production. Health organizations recommend breastfeeding for at least 1 year. (WHO Recommends 2 years) Your baby […]

Has somebody told you that your baby doesn’t need to breastfeed at night past a certain age? This age often varies by advisor. However, science tells us that in many cases, this simply isn’t true. Why? Babies and mothers are different and these differences affect baby’s need for night feedings. Some babies really do need to breastfeed at night, at six months, eight months, and beyond. This is in part because if their mother has […]

This post struck as a such a huge part of losing a child close to the birth is dealing with your milk supply. It is an emotional topic and there is not a right or good answer. The following is from This post is from Tanya at This is a review of a publication By Jessica Welborn. Review: Lactation Support for the Bereaved Mother A few years ago I collaborated with Carol McMurrich, the […]

Once you have a pump, you can start collecting milk any time. In the first two weeks after your baby is born, you may want to pump occasionally to relieve engorgement – you can save this milk, but don’t get carried away. Pumping a lot in these early weeks tells your body that you had triplets, and brings in an enormous milk supply. (Remember more milk out means more milk made!) While this may sound […]

Simple Steps to Keep Your Ameda Breast Pump Clean Keeping your breast pump clean is not time consuming. But there are a few things you can do to simplify your pump care — so you can spend more time with your new baby. Sanitize Your Ameda parts Before the First Use Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If your pump kit package is not marked “sterile,” put all the pieces that come into contact with your […]